What Makes Norman So Great

Norman Chad is the Michael Jordan of poker commentary. He’s bright, witty, and makes every WSOP episode fun to watch. There are thousands of reasons to love Norman Chad. But here are arguably the top six:

  1. He’s from the great state of Maryland!
  2. He coined two new poker vocabulary terms–squadoosh and whamboozled.
  3. He’s never afraid to call it like he sees it, no matter who he pisses off.
  4. He’s humble, self-deprecating, and anything but full of himself.
  5. He always makes time to see us when we’re out for the WSOP.
  6. Did we mention he’s from the great state of Maryland?

Born: August 17, 1958

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Resides: Los Angeles, California

Descent: Cuban (Mother)

Occupations: Poker Commentator, Sportswriter, and Author

TV Script Writing: Coach (ABC), Arliss (HBO)

Commentary: World Series of Poker, Pardon the Interruption

Syndicated Column: Couch Slouch

Author: Hold On, Honey, I’ll Take You to the Hospital at Halftime: Confessions of a TV Sports Junkie

College: University of Maryland, College Park (‘81)

Major: American Studies

Favorite Poker Games: Omaha & Seven Card Stud

WSOP Cashes: 10

Total Live Earnings: $97,847

Favorite Beer: Yuengling

Favorite Pizza: Ledo Pizza

Marriages: 3

Siblings: One Brother and One Sister

Norman Chadisms: Squadoosh, Whamboozled, Kid With a Dream