How can I join this poker league?
This is a private, non-profit, invitation-only poker league not open to the general public. This website was created for its members to track standings, reference rules, maintain the schedule, and, of course, to honor Norman Chad.

Is this site affiliated with Norman Chad or the World Series of Poker?
No. This poker league is not a formal entity and is not contractually affiliated with Norman Chad or any third- party organization. However, Norman is an “honorary” lifetime member of our poker league.

Is Norman Chad aware of this poker league?
Yes. Norman has frequently referenced our poker league during WSOP broadcasts. And Norman has visited us in Maryland to present trophies to season winners on multiple occasions. Each time, he joined our tournament playing for the monthly cash prize (rather than points). Norman is positively hilarious–even funnier than he is on TV, which is hard to imagine.

Why did you name your poker league after Norman Chad?
That’s easy. It’s because Norman makes every episode of the World Series of Poker fun to watch. He’s also a talented poker player, although he would never admit it.

Do you charge your members any sort of registration fee?
No.  This is a non-profit poker league. There is no registration fee or rake of any kind. 100% of player entry fees are returned to the players as prizes.

Why don’t you count all 10 games toward the season?
Some of the members were concerned that they couldn’t make all 10 games. By dropping the two lowest scores, and counting the best eight finishes, a player doesn’t need to stress if they can’t make a game or two.

How can I contact Norman Chad?
Connect to Norman’s website at